The Face of Brands (2011)

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A small video project for my university class “branding”.
I seems that nowadays your personality is represented by the brands you wear and not your face anymore.

Thanks to:
Julia Molina
Kathrin Hollmer
Katja Korotaeva
Aljoscha Gleser

a film by Joshua Burkert
© 2011

music: Brother Ali – Uncle Sam Goddamn
© Rhymesayers Entertainment

17 738

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17 738 from Dustin Schiele on Vimeo.

Das Talent (2011)

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Der Mann im Mond (2011)

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Buch/Regie – Patrick Holzapfel
Kamera – Joshua Burkert
Ton – Dominic Titus und Rainer-Maria Tannenberger
Continuity – Anna Grillmaier
Maske – Jaqueline Hieble
Kameraassistenz – Sebastian Sperner und Katja Korotaeva
spielend sind zu sehen: Judith Bohle, Sara Volkmer, Dennis Geuther
und Stuntman Bastian Lang

© 2011 Thunderstorm Pictures

A Photographer’s Daily Business (2008)

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“A Photographer’s Daily Business”

Photoshop ad made for the “See What’s Possible” challenge (2008) .
See this video in original context here.

Instead of taking the picture and then adjusting the image in Photoshop, the photographer uses a Photoshop slider control to adjust the world to his taste before then taking the picture.

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  1. Andi says:

    April 6th, 2009 at 12:09 am

    Super! Nur leider sehr kurz.

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