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Saturday, 25 February, 2012

Neat Video Plugin

As I was screening the footage of our latest movie “L’amour est impossible” (2012, shot in Vienna) I realized howe noise some clips very. Especially when boosting up some shadows one can see Canon’s 5D digital noise. Though noise as in film grain might be appreciated, digital noise isn’t because it can’t be compared to film grain. One can see streaks and lines of noise and the pattern isn’t evenly spread throughout the screen like film grain.
As beeing advertised in my favourite HDSLD book “DSLR cinema” by Kurt Lancaster as one of the best (and affordable) noise reduction software out there, I downloaded a demo of the Neat Video Pro plugin for After Effects and it does magic.
Analyzing the noise pattern of a scene, it filters the noise without the loss of sharpness or color.
After removing the digital noise, one can even add some virtual film grain (with Afterfx) and is on big step closer to archieving the “cinematic look” with just a canon 5D and easy post!
Check out Neat Videos software at

Wespen im Winter

Friday, 13 January, 2012

The title of the upcoming Burkert/Holzapfel short movie will be “Wespen im Winter”.
We will be shooting this next film in beautiful Vienna on the 2nd weekend in february!

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EDIT: Wespen Im Winter will be renamed to “L’amour est Impossible”

The Face of Brands (2011)

Wednesday, 23 November, 2011

A small video project for my university class “branding”.
I seems that nowadays your personality is represented by the brands you wear and not your face anymore.

Thanks to:
Julia Molina
Kathrin Hollmer
Katja Korotaeva
Aljoscha Gleser

a film by Joshua Burkert
© 2011

music: Brother Ali – Uncle Sam Goddamn
© Rhymesayers Entertainment


Friday, 16 April, 2010

Wassuuuuup guys,

Josh reporting from duty.
Finally! Change has come! A new short movie will rock the world.
But first of all, let me introduce the new GUY ! Patrick will be the new director of our upcoming movie “Sie sammelten Feuer, um einen Ast zu entfachen” (for you non-germans out there: they collected fire to light a twig).

Stay tuned!

aloha Josh

The GUY !

The GUY !